Whitman House (Tully)

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This female residence is full of house spirit.  With its many house events, residents find Tully to be fun and welcoming. As it’s loved so much, Tully alumni often return to their Acadia home to meet new Whitman House members.

 “The residents in Tully share a wonderful community that seems more like a family rather than just a group of friends.” Tamaz Thompson, Nassau, Bahamas

  • Female only residence (male visitors permitted)
  • Alcohol-free sections are available
  • Single, deluxe single ,single in suite, and double rooms
  • Swipe-card laundry facilities
  • Telephone, cable and wireless Internet access
  • Student lounges
  • Kitchens
Benefits of Residence Living

Acadia's residences offer students a prime location, as they are located only minutes from classrooms, labs, the gym and library. Living on campus offers the ease of an eight-month lease, which includes all the amenities.

“Residence life provides an opportunity to learn from others,” says James Sanford, Acadia’s director of Student Affairs. “It’s a chance to explore, a chance to be independent, and it also allows for a level of security and a level of safety that is comforting to many students and their families.”

Campus Safety and Security
  • Swipe-card access to building and residence rooms
  • Security cameras in each residence
  • Residence assistants
  • Security staffed 24/7
  • Direct dial phones to security
  • Walk-home service
  • Shuttle drive-home service
  • Certified Emergency Response Team on campus
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Civic Address

Whitman House

18 Crowell Dr.

Acadia University,

Wolfville, NS, B4P 2R4

P: (902) 585-1417 | F: (902) 585-1093